Do you know your watch vocabulary?

It may seem simple but any watch lover should know the basic vocabulary. Here are your basic watch parts explained:

Movement - the machine that runs the timepiece. We use Japanese Quartz movements in all our timepieces.

Case – I’m sure you all know what this is, the body that holds the movement. We offer a range of finishes on our timepieces including; stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and a sandblasted matte finish.

Crystal - This is the glass that protects your timepiece. Our Athos and Porthos timepieces use a hardened mineral glass, whereas our more premium watch Aramis is manufactured with a sapphire crystal (unbreakable and can only be scratched or marked by diamonds).

Dial – More commonly referred to as the face, this is the surface under the crystal where the hour markers are. Simplicity is often more aesthetically pleasing than complex and GENT timepieces certainly reinforce this theory.

Bezel – This is simply the ring around the crystal which holds it in place. Lugs – an unusual name but these are the prongs protruding from the case that hold the strap in place. All GENT timepieces are designed with a 22mm lug allowing for all interchangeable straps to be fitted for individual customisation.

Buckle/Clasp – this is simply the function used to secure/open/refit the strap.

Crown – Always located on the right hand side of the timepiece for functional reasons, allowing for ease of changing the time and date counter whilst wearing. This is the little round component coming out of the side of the case. This is pulled out to set the time and other features. Our Athos timepieces are designed with a basic time function, while our Porthos and Aramis timepieces are designed with a chronograph which feature a date counter and a stop watch.


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