3 Tips to give your outfit a luxury twist!

One of the many style mistakes men seem to make is believing that dressing well means to spend a lot of money on every single element of your outfit, and even worse than that, wearing big logos so that everyone knows how much you’ve spent.

Actually, we believe the best way to do it is to make sure that you have one or two stand-out pieces in every outfit you wear. This way you can dress up an otherwise cheap outfit and inject a touch of luxury to your look, but only if you do it right. Luckily we’re on hand to give you a few pointers. Here are a few tips from us to help give you that luxury twist. Shoes. For a casual outfit, if you’re going to spend big on one item then make it your shoes. Everything else can be picked up cheap enough if you shop around, but - as many a woman will testify – often the first thing people will check out is your footwear. Pick up a pair of shoes, perhaps a smart pair of trainers, with a splash of colour to take your outfit from boring to brilliant. When it comes to formal wear, we suggest to keep it simple with black or brown leather shoes... make sure your belt matches! Next up, accessories! You can keep your outfit as basic and relaxed as possible but still look slick if you style it up with the right accessories. Attention to detail makes all the difference so think about things like your belt, eyewear – and in the winter – your hat, scarf and gloves. Try to coordinate colours and ensure they have the look and feel of quality, even if you have picked them up for an affordable price! Other modern accessories include mens bracelets, bags and even your phone case! Check out the accessories from our friends over at parvenu.london, oh yeah and use code GENTWATCHES to get 20% off!

The final tip is of course, watches! Aside from your footwear, if you’re going to fork out a bit of cash on one item then make it your watch. If you’re a fan of classic styles then have a look at our Athos collection for some beautiful leather-strapped options available for around one hundred pounds; if you want to keep it ‘on trend’ then why not try a rose gold face? If you’re after a more chunky design then we’d recommend our Porthos and Aramis chronograph collections, which are available from £134.99-149.99 RRP. Sign up though and get 20% off all watches and straps!

Top Tip - Match your accessories! For example, if you're wearing brown shoes and a brown belt, why not complete the look with a brown leather strap. If you're wearing black accessories, wear a black leather strap. Simple!

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