Dressing the Young Professional Gent

Too many young men are beginning their professional lives without knowing how to dress. Don't worry we got you! Here's a few tips for those of you who have no clue... and for the few of you who do, or think you know how to dress, these tips should help you out too! First of all why? Does it really make a difference to dress a little smarter? The simple answer is yes. Clothing doesn't make you who you are, but it can give the right first impression of you, show that you take your work seriously and it can give you those extra precious seconds to influence others. Dress to look older If you're still dressed as you were when you were 16 or a student at college, change it! The perception of yourself is important in professional situations and in fact most day-to-day situations. If you're dressed as a kid, you're going to be treated like one.

Footwear should be on point!

The tradition of judging a man by his shoes is still relevant in today's world. Pay that little extra to get a pair of classic leather dress shoes that will last you a while, won't go out of fashion and in turn will help you look the part!

Pay attention to detail

Whether you're having an interview, selling products or trying to impress someone, paying attention to the small details will help you stand out from the rest. Coordinating your accessories is a must. Don't be that gut who wears black shoes with a brown belt. No. No. No. Ensure that you have shoes and a belt to match, if you want to go that bit further match up your other accessories like your watch strap, wallet and even your laptop bag. Tuck your shirt in, button up and you should be ready to go.

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